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  Pres. Trump Harrisburg speech only  CSPAN  April 30, 2017 2:04am-3:09am EDT

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now, president trump marks his 100th day in office with a speech at a make america great again rally in harris, pennsylvania. this is about one hour. >> ♪ it tomorrow all the things were gone, i worked from my life and i had to start again with just my children and my wife i thank my lucky stars to be living here today because the flag still stands for freedom, and they can't take that away and i'm proud to be an american, where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died who gave that write to me and i gladly stand up next to
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you and defend her still today because there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa from the lakes of minnesota to the hills of tennessee across the plains of texas from sea to shining sea from detroit down to houston and new york to l.a. there's pride in every american heart and it's time we stand and say -- ♪ pres. trump: thank you. [applause]
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>> usa, usa, usa. pres. trump: thank you ladies and gentlemen. it is truly great to be back in the wonderful, beautiful state of pennsylvania. [applause] pres. trump: i love this state, and i love the people of this state. it is special, and it carried us to a big, beautiful victory on november 8. [applause]
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i want to recognize some of our friends that have helped us so much. congressman scott parent, gt thompson, a couple of my originals, mike kelly, who i watched on television. he was great. where is mike kelly? where is he? boy, were you great on television this morning. and of course, one of our other originals, congressman tom marino. right? [applause] thank you, thank you. as you may know, there is
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another big gathering taking place tonight in washington, d.c. did you hear about it? [booing] a large group of hollywood actors -- [booing] -- and washington media -- [booing] -- our consoling each other in a hotel ballroom in the nation's capital right now. they are gathered together for the white house correspondents dinner without the president. [applause] and i could not possibly be more thrilled that to be more than 100 miles away from washington's swamp, spending my evening with all of you and with a much, much larger crowd and much better people. right?
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[applause] >> usa, usa, usa. and look at the media back there. they would actually rather be here, i have to tell you. [booing] that's right. >> [indiscernible]
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pres. trump: media outlets like cnn and msnbc are fake news. fake news. [booing] and they are sitting and wishing in washington. they are watching right now, and they would love to be with us right here tonight. [applause] but they are trapped at the dinner, which will be very, very boring. but next year, maybe we will make it more exciting for them in washington and show up. but we have a good chance of showing up here again next year, too. [applause]
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the truth is, there is no place i would rather be than right here in pennsylvania to celebrate. [applause] -- our 100 day milestone to reflect on an incredible journey together, and to get ready for the great, great battles to come, and that we will win and every case. ok? we will win. [applause] because make no mistake, we are just beginning in our fight to make america great again. [applause] now before we talk about my first 100 days, which has been very exciting and very productive, let's rate the media's 100 days. should we do that? should we do it?
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[booing] because as you know, they are a disgrace. according to a morning consular call, more than half of americans say the media is out of touch with everyday americans. they've proven that. [applause] according to media research center, 89% of the media's coverage of our administration has been negative and purposefully negative, and perhaps -- [booing] -- that's because according to the public since her integrity, 96% of douglas -- of journalists who gave donations and left watching david to our opponent. and as anyone were member who our opponent was? >> lock her up, lock her up, lock her up. pres. trump: that was some
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opponent. finally, according to a poll last year from the associated press, only 6% of americans have a lot of confidence in america. that is very bad. that is much lower than congress, by the way. but i will give you an example of something really incredible. that's right. get them out of here. get them out. [applause]
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>> usa, usa, usa. pres. trump: thank you. thank you. [applause] do we love our law enforcement or what? [applause] and i want to thank the fire marshals. they have a lot of people standing outside. we really maxed out. we broke the all-time record for this arena. how old is this arena? we broke the all-time record. i don't have a guitar, which is
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pretty tough. just as an example of media, take the totally failing "new york times." [booing] pretty soon they will only be on the internet. the paper is getting smaller and smaller. do you ever notice? it is starting to look like a comic book. but i will tell you, because i watched, and i used to be in the real estate business, they sold their beautiful "new york times" building in manhattan, a cathedral to journalism. such a beautiful, beautiful building. for around $130 million, and the group that bought it later sold it for approximately $500 million. now they live in a very ugly office building in a crummy location. next, they buy "the boston globe" newspaper with lawsuits
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for $1.3 billion and invest millions and millions of dollars to get it going. in the end, they sell it for zero dollars. they give it away. and then they write nasty editorials and op-ed telling me how should be -- how i should be handling world events. [booing] but that is what we have. they are incompetent, dishonest people who after the election, had to apologize because they covered us so badly that they felt they were forced to apologize because their predictions were so bad. do you remember their
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prediction? they lost a lot of people because of the way they covered. if the media's job is to be honest and tell the truth, then i think we would all agree the media deserves a very big, fat, failing grade. [booing] very dishonest people. not all of them. we call it the fake news. now everybody is using the word fake news. where did you hear it, folks? by contrast, for the last 100 days, my administration has been delivering every single day for the great citizens of our country, whether it is putting our coal miners back to work, protecting america's steel and aluminum workers -- we love that steel and aluminum -- or eliminating job killing
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regulations, we are keeping one promise after another, and frankly, the people are really happy about it. they see what is happening. [applause] but to understand the historic progress we have made, we must speak honestly about the situation that we and i inherited because, believe me, the previous administration gave us a mess. [booing] for decades, our country has lived through the greatest job theft in the history of the world. you people know it better than anybody in pennsylvania. our factories were shuttered. our steel mills close down. our jobs were stolen away and
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shipped far away to other countries, some of which you have never even heard of. politicians send troops to protect the borders of foreign nations, but left america's borders wide open for all to violate. [booing] we have spent billions and billions of dollars on one global project after another, and yet, as gangs flooded into our country, we couldn't even provide safety for our own people. our government rushed to join international agreements where the united states pays the cost and bears the burden while other countries get the benefits and pay nothing. [booing] this includes deals like the one-sided paris climate accord. where the united states pays
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billions of dollars while china, russia, and india have contributed and will contribute nothing. [booing] is that remind you of the iran deal? how about that beauty? on top of that, it is estimated that for compliance with the agreement could ultimately shrink america's gdp by $2.5 trillion over a 10 year period. that means factories and plants closing all over our country. here we go again. not with me, folks. [applause] those are the facts, whether we like them or not. the dishonest media won't print them, won't report them because the washington media is part of the problem. their priorities are not my
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priorities, and they are not your priorities, believe me. [applause] their agenda is not your agenda. i will be making a big decision on the paris accord over the next two weeks. [applause] and we will see what happens. but they are all part of a broken system that has profited from this global theft and plunder of american wealth at the expense of the american worker. we are not going to let other countries take advantage of us anymore because, from now on, it is going to be america first. [applause] and i have to -- >> usa, usa, usa.
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pres. trump: and i have to just interject because, as you know, i have been a big critic of china. i have been talking about currency minute elision for a long time. but i have to tell you, during the election, they stopped. but more importantly, just to show you the dishonesty, we have currency manipulation by china -- but china is helping us possibly or probably with the north korean situation. ok? it's a great thing. [applause] and i met with the president of china at great length in florida.
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we had long, long talks. hours and hours and hours. he's a good man. he's representing china, not us, but he's a good man. and i believe he wants to get that situation taken care of. they have tremendous power, and we will see what happens. but the media said donald trump refuses to name china a currency manipulator. think of this. we have to have a little flexibility. i meet with the president of china and say, could you help us out with north korea? you give them 93% of their different materials they need in their food. you have a lot of power. we have a great relationship. then the media says, why didn't he call donald trump, and why did donald trump in the meeting say you are a currency manipulator? so here's the story. listen, mr. president, will you
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help us out with north korea? but by the way, you are manipulating your currency. it doesn't work, write? [laughter] you understand. so instead of saying that, let's see what happens. i honestly believe he is trying very hard. not an easy situation for china, believe me. not an easy situation. but we have somebody there who is causing a lot of trouble for the world. we have china, who is really trying to help. as you have seen, they have set back vast amounts of coal coming to north korea. so let's see what happens. i think it is not exactly the right time to call china a currency manipulator right now. do we agree with that? [applause] but they never say that.
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so i promise you in my inaugural address 100 days ago that now arise the hour of action. we started from day one, that is what we have delivered. 100 days of action. those people and others are exhausted. they've never seen anything like that. they've never seen anything like this. [applause] we are ending the off shoring and bringing back our beautiful, wonderful, great american jobs. [applause] we are eradicated the criminal gangs and cartels that have infiltrated our country. you are reading about them all the time.
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some of you have big problems with them. thank you for that sign, blacks for trump. i love that. thank you. thank you, man. that is great. that is really cool. i appreciate it. and we are taking steps to renegotiate or cancel any agreement that fails to protect american interests. here are just some of our great achievements from the first 100 days. and i will tell you, in addition to that, we have built such a strong foundations with the leaders of foreign countries, and we are set to rock. but we have great relationships with germany and japan and china and so many others. the u.k. -- such great relationships. that is part of the process. we have appointed and confirmed a brand-new justice of the united states supreme court. [applause]
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justice neil gorsuch, who will uphold the constitution and the right of americans to govern their own affairs, and the last time a new supreme court justice was confirmed in the first 100 days was 136 years ago in 1881, and i was devastated to hear that because i thought i was the only one to have done that. [applause] it was a long time ago. to protect our jobs and economic freedom, i immediately went through -- immediately withdrew the united states from the horrible, disastrous, would have been another nafta, but worse, transpacific partnership.
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[applause] that would have taken your jobs in pennsylvania, that i can tell you. that was a total hoax. the tpp what have been a tremendous disaster for our country, and we are not going to surrender pennsylvania jobs ever again. we have done that once before. it is not going to happen. [applause] we have just launched an investigation into foreign steel dumping and aluminum dumping throughout our country. we are reviewing every single trade deal, and wherever there is sheeting, we would take immediate action, and there will be penalty. [applause]
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and we have with us tonight secretary of commerce wilbur ross, and one of the great, great people on fair trade and good trade, mr. peter navarro. thank you. thank you. [applause] and we will renegotiate nafta, and if we don't get a good deal and a fair deal for our country -- and i have been saying for a long time we will either renegotiate or terminate -- i announced the other day we were going to terminate, everybody said we would terminate -- two people i like very much, the president of mexico and prime minister of canada, called up and said, can we negotiate? i said yes, we can renegotiate. so we will start a negotiation, and hopefully it will be fair for everybody. and if it is not a fair deal for our country -- because you have to understand, we have been on the wrong side of the nafta deal with canada and mexico for many, many years.
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many decades. we can't allow it to happen. so we are going to renegotiate, and if we can't make a fair deal for companies and workers, we will terminate nafta. ok? [applause] our directives will let brand-new pennsylvania steel into the spine of america. [applause] we've ordered billions and billions of dollars in unpaid duties to be collected at the border from countries that break the rules, and that just started. it is going to be a lot coming in. [applause] we just want fairness, and i followed through on my promise and issued a new government directives to buy american and hire american.
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[applause] in just these first few months, we have created 99,000 new construction jobs, 49,000 new manufacturing jobs, and 27,000 new mining jobs. who are the miners here? finally we are taking care of our miners. we love our miners. and we have over 600,000 new jobs. and by the way, the stock market since our election -- [applause] -- is through the roof. i believe from the point of the election -- isn't it too bad that the obama administration gets a lot of credit for those few months? but it's all right. [booing]
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they get credit for it. we have an all-time record for the biggest increase in the stock market. so i am very happy about that. [applause] we have removed the shackles on energy exploration imposed by the last administration, lifting the restrictions on the production of oil, shale, and natural gas. and very importantly for pennsylvania, we have ended the beautiful, clean coal, and we are putting our coal miners back to work. [applause] we love our miners. i am also very pleased to say
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that we have finally cleared the way for the construction of the keystone xl and dakota access pipeline's. [applause] 48,000 new jobs. they couldn't get their approvals. we got them their approvals in 24 hours one day. i want to tell you, the heads of those two companies didn't know what the hell happened. they said, how did this happen? they should go to bed and say their prayers. but that is going to be approximately 48,000 jobs. my administration has also scrapped a job killing regulation that was threatening our auto workers. we want more cars made in the usa, and that is going to
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happen. [applause] we have created a new rule which requires that for every one new regulation, to old regulations -- two old regulations must be eliminated. and we have signed massive executive orders clearing up the environmental bureaucracy. we are going to have jobs, and you're seeing them already. we have also been very busy on the legislative front, which we have got no credit for, and yet i am signing away. i have signed 29 new bills, a record not surpassed since the truman administration. [applause] this includes 13 resolutions to eliminate intrusive federal regulations, the most ever
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signed in our history. in keeping our promise to our veterans, i have signed legislation to extend veterans choice, and the head of the veterans administration is here with us tonight, david chilton. he did an incredible job. we have increased by 42% the approval for veterans using the choice program. i have also created an office of accountability at the the a -- at the va. if you fail our veterans, you will be held accountable. [applause] to create accountability across
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government, i have issued a five-year ban on federal officials becoming lobbyists after they leave government service. good? [applause] i have got a lot of people in my staff that are not exactly happy with that one, but that is ok. and i have issued a lifetime ban on federal officials becoming lobbyists for a foreign government. [applause] i have imposed these bans for a simple reason. it is time to drain the swamp. [applause] and that is what we are doing in washington, d.c. perhaps in no area have passed governments sold out special interest in foreign lobbyists than on the issue of immigration. year after year, you pleaded for
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washington to enforce our laws as illegal immigration surged, refugees flooded in, and lax vetting threaten to your safety and security. and don't worry, we are going to have the wall. don't worry about it. [applause] >> build that wall, built that wall, built that wall. pres. trump: we have done so well at the border, a lot of people are saying, wow, maybe the president doesn't need the wall. we need the wall to stop the drugs and human trafficking. we need the wall.
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in just 100 days, we have taken historic steps to secure our border, imposed needed immigration control like you have never seen before -- is that true? and properly screened and vet those seeking admission into our country. they are going to come in because they love our country. we are not taking them otherwise. we are operating on a very simple principle that our immigration system should put the needs of american workers, american families, american companies, and american citizens first. [applause] i appointed a great military general, john kelly, to lead the department of homeland security. since my election, we have already achieved an
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unprecedented 73% reduction in illegal crossing on our southern border. [applause] the greatest reduction in the history of our country, and we just started. the world is getting the message. if you try to illegally enter the united states, you will be caught, detained, deported, or put in prison, and it will happen. [applause] as i campaigned across the nation, i met with the grieving mothers and fathers of children who had been killed, viciously
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killed, violently killed by a legal immigrants. and i made them a promise. we will protect american lives. your family member will not have died in vain. [applause] last week, we opened an office to support the victims of immigration crime called voice to make sure that no american victim is ever again ignored by their government. it's not going to happen. and many people are now talking, as i just said, and using this tremendous early progress on the border to say we don't need the kind of safety that we really do
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need, including the wall. we need safety. we need cameras. we need all of the things that we are going to be putting in, and we need the wall. and we will build the wall as sure as you are standing there tonight. we need the wall. [applause] >> build that wall, build that wall, build that wall. pres. trump: we will build a wall folks don't even worry about it. go to sleep. as the final thing we needed. we need it. if the democrats knew what the hell they were doing, they would approve it so easy because we want to stop crime in our country. obviously, they don't mind illegals coming in.
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they don't mind drug pouring in. they don't mind ms 13 coming in. we are getting them all out of here. members of congress who will be voting on border security have a simple choice. they can either vote to help drug cartels and criminal aliens trying to enter the united states, like frankly, the democrats are doing, or they can vote to help american citizens and american families be safe. that is the choice. who do you want to represent you? [applause] unfortunately, democrats in congress have no leadership. they are rudderless. senator schumer is a bad leader. [booing] i have known him a long time. he is a bad leader, not a
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natural leader at all. he worked hard to study leadership. when you have to study leadership, you've got problems. and his policies are hurting innocent americans and making it easier for drug dealers to enter our country. schumer is weak on crime and wants to raise your taxes through the roof. [booing] he is a poor leader -- i've known him a long time -- and he is leading the democrats to doom. it is sad to see for our country what is happening to the democrat party. at the heart of my administration's efforts to restore the rule of law has been a nationwide crackdown on criminal gangs, and that means taking the fight to the sanctuary cities that shield these dangerous criminals from removal.
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[applause] the last very weak administration allowed thousands and thousands of gang members to cross our borders and enter into our communities, where they wreaked havoc on our citizens. the bloodthirsty cartel known as ms 13 has infiltrated our schools, threatening innocent children. we have seen the horrible assaults and many killings all along long island where i grew up. we are seeing the vicious spread of transnational gangs into all
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50 states and the human suffering they bring with them. i have been with the parents. it is devastation. a very respected general recently told me that ms 13 are the equivalent in their meanness to al qaeda. [booing] my administration will not rest until we have dismantled these violent gangs, and we are doing it rapidly, and we are sending them the hell out of our country. we are sending them back home where they belong. [applause] one by one, we are finding the illegal immigrant drug dealers come again members and killers and removing them from our country. once they are gone, you see what we are doing.
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they will not let them back in. they are not coming back. [applause] in this effort to restore safety to our country, we are going to strongly support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. [applause] i just signed an executive order directing attorney general jeff sessions to combat crimes of violence against our police and the department of justice is now prioritizing the prosecution of criminals who attack officers of the law. and we are also working around the clock to keep our nation safe from terrorism.
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my administration has taken historic steps to improve screening and vetting for those seeking visas to enter the united states. we have seen the attack from 9/11 to boston to san bernardino. we have seen the bloodshed overseas. you look at what is happening in other countries. we already have enough problems to worry about in the united states, which we love so much. we don't need to be admitting people who want to oppress hurt or kill innocent americans. they are not coming in. so let me state this as clearly as i possibly can. we are going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our country. [applause]
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[chanting] so i have a question for you. you have been to a lot of rallies, you have seen a lot of rallies. is there any place like a trump rally? [applause] so i did this a little bit during the rally. haven't done it in a long time. who has heard the poem called the snake? does anybody want to hear it again? are you sure? [applause] ok. so let's dedicate this to
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general kelly, the border patrol, and the ice ages for doing such an incredible job. [applause] this was written by al wilson a long time ago. i thought of it having to do with our borders. we know they're going to have. we're going to have problems. we have to be smart, we have to be vigilant. here it is, the snake. it is called "the snake." on our way to work one morning, down the path along the lake atenderhearted woman saw a poor have frozen snake his pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the do. poor thing she cried out i will take you in and i will take care of you
2:50 am
take me in oh tender woman take me in for heaven sake take me in oh tender woman side the vicious snake. she wrapped him up all cozy in a comforter of silk and laid him by her fireside with some honey and some milk she hurried home from work that night and as soon as she arrived she found that pretty snake she taken in had been revived take me in oh tender woman take me in for heaven sake take me in oh tender woman sighed that the vicious snake. she clutched him to her bosom. you're so beautiful she cried but if i had not brought you in
2:51 am
by now, by heavens you would have died she stroked his pretty skin again and kissed him and held him tight but instead of saying thank you that snake gave her a vicious bite! take me in oh tender woman take me in for heaven sake take me in oh tender woman sighed the vicious snake. i have saved you cried the woman and you bit me, heavens why? you know your light is poisonous, and now i am going to die oh shut up silly woman, said the reptile with a grin
2:52 am
you knew damn well i was a snake before you took me in [applause] does that explain it, folks? keeping america safe also means rebuilding our defenses. under the leadership of general mad dog mattis. by the way, he is the man who recommended general kelly. i said mad dog, you have to give me a good general for the border. we have begun the process of rebuilding our military and restoring full readiness. we are also protecting taxpayer
2:53 am
dollars. i have already saved more than $725 million on a simple order of f-35 planes. i got involved in the negotiation. and there is billions of dollars to be saved. on that and many other things. we have also stepped up the fight against isis and we will not stop until isis has been destroyed. [applause] at the same time, we have strength and our friendships and alliances all around the world. we were very proud to quietly work with the egyptian government last week to ensure that an american citizen, a beautiful young woman came home after being in an egyptian prison. for the past three years.
2:54 am
[applause] she was going to be there for another 28 years. president obama worked diligently for three years, did not get them out. i met with president el-sisi and it worked out quickly. and he was great. and not only did the court system in egypt and president el-sisi let her out, but they let out her husband and they let out a total of eight people that were innocent, and they are all back here right now. [applause] now they won't include that in the 100 days, but i am proud to have done it. she is a happy young woman, believe a. i said how tough was it in that prison?
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she said you don't want to know. we are also getting nato countries to finally step up and contribute their fair share. they have begun to increase the contribution by aliens of dollars. we are not going to be satisfied until everyone pays what they owe. i have been complaining about that for a long time. they still a lot of money. america's average military and defense spending was double what all other nato countries spent combined. not fair. as we work to get other countries to pay their fair share of broad, we will continue our rebuilding at home. we are rebuilding everything, including our great military. we will have the finest military
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that we have ever had at any time in the history of our country. [applause] last week, my economics team outlined one of the biggest tax cuts in american history. even bigger than that of ronald reagan. we are proposing ager tax relief for the middle class and lowering the business tax from 35% all the way down to 15%. [applause] you will see companies expand, companies come back into our country. companies not leave our country anymore because taxes and regulations are so onerous. you will see what happens. let me also be clear in saying that we are going to save americans health care and repeal and replace that disaster known as obamacare, which is dying,
2:57 am
dying. [applause] obamacare is dead anyway. they always like to compare -- obamacare is dead. it is gone. the increases were massive last year and they will be bigger this year. insurance companies are fleeing. one of the top insurers says obamacare is in a death spiral, there is nothing they can do. they can't compare something to it because it won't be there very long. it is not working. under obamacare, we have seen double and triple digit hikes in premiums. many americans left with only a single insurer to choose from. now many of those insurers are flaring also -- fleeing also. you have many like the great state of tennessee where half of the state already has no insurance barrier. and many others.
2:58 am
obamacare is a catastrophe created exclusively by the democrats in congress. and they know it is no good. by the way, we're going to get something great. we're going to get premiums down, deductibles way down. we are going to take care of every single need you are going to to have taken care of. it will not cost that kind of money. we will bring it down. premiums down. we will repeal and replace obamacare. few watch. [applause] we are going to give americans the freedom to purchase the health care plans they want, not the health care forced on them by the government. and i will be so angry at
2:59 am
congressman kelly and congressman marino and all of our congressmen in this room if we don't get this dam thing passed quickly. [applause] they will get it done. we know them, they will get it done. in all things, we are returning power to the people where it belongs. we are going to defend the second amendment. [applause] and your rights to keep and bear arms. we're going to bring education local and we're going to end common core. [applause] we are going to stop federal overreach and defend the god-given rights of every american family. just imagine what we can accomplish if we all started working together to rebuild this
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nation, the nation that we sowed dearly love. our job will come back home, are dying factories will come roaring back to life. it will be a beautiful thing to watch. this is what is going to happen in the united states of america. it is going to happen soon. it is actually already happening. cities small and large will see a rebirth of hope, safety and opportunity. america's children will be taught to love the country and take pride in our great american flag. [applause] and other countries will finally treat america and our citizens with the respect that our country and our citizens deserve.
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the time for all of us to remember that we are one people with one great american destiny. that whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots. [applause] and we all share the same glorious freedoms of our magnificent country. we are all made by the same almighty god. [applause] as long as we remember these truths, we will not fail.
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we are american, and the future belongs to us. the future belongs to all of you. so with hope in our souls and patriotism in our hearts, i say these words to you tonight on 100 days of devotion, hard work and love for our great country. together, we will make america stronger again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america prosper again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you. god bless you. thank you. [applause] ♪
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